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Giving Backpacks, Blankets, Beds, Plushies, Snacks & Many More Donations!

Created in 2017, a NonProfit 501(c)3 distributing gifts to your local foster children in Nashville’s 8 surrounding counties


Our Goal


To Give “New” and “Like-New” Items

They are only able to grab one trash bag full of stuff when leaving their home during these circumstances.


Our goal is to give them a new backpack, duffel bag, and blanket so they don’t have to carry their belongings in a trash bag.


Giving the gift basket, as they are leaving their home, will hopefully show them some love and give them some comfort during their difficult circumstances and tough situation.


Our hope is to encourage the foster children to “Just love anyway ... even when it’s hard.”


Even when people are rude, or mean to you, or leave you ... just love them anyway ... even when it’s hard. Why? Because love always wins and it will give you the peace you need to keep moving forward.

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You are loved ... very much!

Why We are Giving

There are 3,200 foster children a year in the Middle TN area that are being removed from their homes for various reasons including neglect, abandonment, incarceration, inadequate housing, caretaker drug or alcohol use, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc. According to research, neglected children mostly want their own blanket and toothbrush. 

We are currently servicing Nashville’s eight surrounding counties: 

1. Cheatham Co - Ashland City - 110

2. Montgomery Co - Clarksville - 551

3. Robertson Co - Springfield - 134

4. Rutherford Co - Murfreesboro - 325

5. Sumner Co - Gallatin - 220

6. Trousdale Co - Hartsville - 10

7. Williamson Co - Franklin - 175

8. Wilson Co - Lebanon - 423

Equals a total of 1,948 foster children being serviced during the year. Statistics data 9.30.17. 

I’ve had many testimonies from adults that were in the foster care system that said, “if they had a backpack then, it would have changed their life!” Owning a backpack and duffle bag, instead of carrying their belongings in one trash bag, completely raises their self-esteem! The foster children love the gift baskets and their eyes bright up when they see it being presented to them! 

Giving the gift basket, as they leave their home, will hopefully show them some love and give some comfort during their difficult circumstance and tough situation. Our hope is to encourage the foster children to “Just love anyway ... even when it’s hard.”

We definitely need your help and time! Send me a text, msg, or email to receive information on how and when! There are pictures of our gift baskets on our Facebook page at - 

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Please Volunteer & Donate!

Tasks To Do:

Organize donations.

Prepare and restock the assembly line.

Take inventory.

Make gift baskets for the foster children!


Need Donations: “new” or “like new” items


When: Daily By Appointment Only.

How long: Stay as long as you want! Most stay for an hour or two. Some stay for four hours. Some come back the next day!

Where: Mt Juliet.


Who: Bring yourself and bring others too! … up to 15 people in your group works well. I just need to know how many adults and children are coming at your appointment time.

Invite your family, co-workers, friends, book club, Girl Scouts group, community group, church small group, youth group, teens and their friends, students needing community service hours, office party, special occasion, or just schedule any time you have an hour or two to spare! 


Bring: Drinks and snacks for your group! Bring your playlist and be ready for fun, food, and conversation while volunteering!

Thank you so much!! ❤️

- Making Gift Baskets for Foster Children

- NonProfit 501(c)3

Donate via (9% Fee)

There are Several Ways to Donate ❤️


All donations go directly to the TN Dept of Children Services (DCS).

We are looking for “new items with the tags still attached” or “like-new, gently-used” items that still look brand new.   

1)You can donate gift cards or money via cash, check, or credit card.

2)You can shop for the items and drop the items off at our drop-off location: N. Carpet, 4115 N. Mt. Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, Attn: Patti


Donate via App (No Fee)

More Ways to Donate

3)You can shop online at your favorite retailer and have the items shipped directly to our drop-off location mentioned above. 

4)You can give money online at the following sites and we will do the shopping for you: (No Fee) (4% Fee) (9% Fee)


Donate via (4% Fee)

Your Donation is Tax Deductible!

NOTE: You will receive a receipt from our 501c3 non-profit to use to deduct from your taxes, when claiming your charitable itemized donations, if we have your email address. 

Thank you so much for your support!!


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Thank you so much for your support! ❤️

We love our supporters, so feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.

There are various ways to contact us to get updates or to let us know if you’re interested in volunteering! 

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